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[FB] 140624 B-bomb: #Washington #Hyatt #비범 Working out in the morning with the members before schedule!!!Original: #Washington #Hyatt #비범
스케쥴전 멤버들이랑 아침운동하러!!!
Trans:  #개판오분전 #비범 Today selca shuttle as well ㅋㅋ Please do me a favor during broadcast!! 

[TWITTER 140604]
[KYUNG] We were just walking but… #개판오분전 (5 Mins Before Chaos) #명동 (MyeongDong)


[120726 TAEIL] Going into recording ~~ Today, I watched up to the 5th World Camp teaser ~ The song I sang in the audition teaser is the melody line in Synchronization 100% before modification, if you listen to it and compare it with the current version it has a differently satisfying fun~! ㅎㅎ

Translated by @bontheblock


[120726 TWITTER] 사진이 왜 안뜰까요ㅜㅜ 뜨나용?
[Trans] Why is the picture not uploading?ㅜㅜ Can you see it? 

Yes we can see it B BOMB… ROFL

[TWITTER 120718] We gained strength after eating the delicious food support given and now we’re filming! Thank you!^_^

Trans: @bontheblock
Cyworld 120714 P.O : I’ll do well~^^